We make visual
experiences for
people and places!

Welcome to Helmet! We create sustainable, highly functional and visually great lighting solutions. Our clients hire us for lighting strategies, technical solutions, workshops and more. We use an effective design process which enhances the architecture and sets the stage for the best possible experience.

Current Projects

Signature Hotel Aarhus

Lighting design for a new hotel in Aarhus Harbour. Together with the awesome designers at Stylt Trampoli, we aim to create a hospitality experience out of the ordinary.

Nobel Week Lights

Co-initiators, co-producers and co-curators for the 3rd year in a row for the much appreciated light festival in the center of Stockholm

Sustainable Office by Helmet

We have teamed up with Rebel Light and with the use of their circular light catalogue, our customers can now buy or rent a complete lighting solution that offers sustainability and great lighting experiences.

Our Process
Upplysta trappor


You get a concept that describes the experience, visualization and lighting principles as a guideline to use in the technical drawing stage

Blue Print


We create the technical solutions that will turn the concept into reality. You get detailed installation drawings and spec sheets for ordering

Worker with Ladder

fine tune

After installation, we go out on site and aim the lighting fixtures. We test the light scenarios to ensure that the end result is even better than what was described in the concept

Föreläsning om religion


We give inspiration speeches and arrange workshops to explore the wonderful world of light and what it can do for us in built environments